“When buying a piece of handmade jewellery, it should feel like an heirloom.”

Not a bad philosophy when handcrafting precious metals. Tracy Trainor’s journey to arrive at jewellery designer may have been a while in the making, but definitely not surprising. “I have a vivid memory of being 12 and my grandmother gifting me all of her costume jewellery from the 1940’s. There was a jade green Bakelite necklace that I adored and wouldn’t take off,” she says. So, after years of working and living everywhere from Budapest to Abu Dhabi, it was the quiet beauty of the Irish countryside that finally let Tracy explore her love of jewellery design in 2015.

“I love sculpting because it's so imaginative. And, to be able to apply it to jewellery? Well, the possibilities are endless,” says Tracy of her pieces that are primarily handcrafted in sterling silver. Most of the inspiration behind her collections comes from nature, whether it’s her love of koi fish from a childhood spent in Japan, the ephemeral beauty of a butterfly, or the striking braided rivers of Iceland. “I love seeing how I can make something out of metal but still have it retain a sense of life and movement.”

Connecting and designing jewellery is a very personal process for Tracy, with much thought put into sculpting models and multiple wax castings created before landing at the perfect place. “I’ve really come to understand the beauty of hand carving and I feel like, to some degree, it’s becoming a lost art.” She says, “I really enjoy the process of creating these small sculptures -  designs that really surprise people.” When designing, she always thinks in terms of a collection, and her goal is always to create something unique that will be appreciated and adored.

Currently designing out of her studio northwest of Dublin, Tracy resides in a rambling country house with her husband, son, and bench cats - Señor del Gato, Director of Quality Control, and Dave, VP of Studio Antics. Always open to collaboration, she welcomes custom orders.