Art or Jewellery? It's Both.

Small Batch. Limited Edition. Collectible.

Fine Art Jewellery Inspired by Nature

Handmade in Ireland

Always Unique. Always Handmade.

Known for bringing life and movement to precious metals, Tracy Trainor creates exquisite sculpture jewellery from her studio in the heart of Ireland. Each piece of Tracy Trainor Jewellery is lovingly handcrafted in solid precious metals using traditional silver and goldsmithing techniques.


My love for ravens captured in a beautifully sculptured piece of art. I love my raven ring so much, just looking at it makes me happy and, of course, fierce. The only drawback? I cannot stop here, I need the earrings too, Tracy manages to capture movement, the essence to create a piece I will treasure always and dresses my outfit more than any other jewellery of mine. Love love love.


Thank you, Tracy, for the care and effort you took in making this gorgeous ring for me. I appreciate how you patiently answered all my questions and showed me additional photos so that I could gauge scale.

My butterfly ring is a substantial statement piece yet delicate and ethereal. The care you took in making it quite evident. I am honored to include this piece in my collection. I just love it!


Tracy's method of translating movement through her handmade jewelry is so convincing that every time I put on my Equus pendant, I'm reminded of the beauty of a horse's gaze from a field, as a gentle breeze blows its mane away from its eyes.

My Equus Pendant is solid Sterling Silver. Just the weight itself is a measure of quality, but the creative elements of texture add to the workmanship, and are aspects that make Tracy's Equus Pendant so beautiful.

Brenna Pakes