Success & Prosperity Koi Ring
Success & Prosperity Koi Ring

Success & Prosperity Koi Ring

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The Chinese legend of koi has been passed down by word of mouth for generations and captures the hearts and minds of people the world over.  It tells the story of a large school of fish, polished like jewels, that made a long and arduous journey upstream against the current of a mighty river.

When they reached a spectacular waterfall some of the fishes lost spirit and simply turned around to swim back the way they came whilst others were bold and unfazed leaping the falls continuing their efforts to reach the top.  

According to legend, a demon was drawn to the splashing of the koi as they attempted to negotiate the water. So, out of spite, he made the waterfall even higher.
The koi though undeterred laboured for another 100 years to reach the top of the waterfall until finally one day a single koi overcame the odds cresting the waterfall to reach the river above.

The gods who witnessed this amazing achievement rewarded the fish for its perseverance by transforming it into a golden dragon. And, because of this, koi have long been considered symbols of success and prosperity.

Handmade and hand finished patinated 925 Sterling Silver.
The koi fish design measures approximately 50mm in length.

This ring is made to made to measure and the most common ring sizes are listed to order. Please refer to the Ring Size Guide for further information on UK, US, and European ring sizes. If you would like a different ring size that is not listed, please contact me directly either through the contact form or directly by email at

Please allow 4 weeks for your piece to be made and the order fulfilled.

All pieces are assayed and hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office to guarantee quality of the precious metal used.